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Yacht Cloud - Crew Board

CrewBoard is a digital presence board with many advanced features that displays who is onboard in a graphically appealing interface. Next too looking nice it will also improve the security onboard and help in emergency situations. The web-based interface will run on any modern device, and can be comfortably placed on multiple spots where signing in and out is required.
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ShoreSync provides content synchronisation between multiple properties such as yachts, airplanes and residences. With only a few clicks, content can be selected and distributed to any of the desired destinations. ShoreSync provides both optimised transfer speed and strong encryption.
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Odyss - Unviel the true nature of your yachting journey.

Odyss informs. It empowers. It encompasses that personal touch in a high-tech world. Seamlessly blending with interiors and yet remaining extraordinarily distinguished. Its elegant ensemble of gauges, clocks, stewardess call and route-maps need only a brief glance to present a exceptional insight into your voyage.
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MING - Wireless Stewardess Call

Seamlessly integrated in its surroundings, a true pleasure to touch and ingeniously easy to operate, Ming is the most sophisticated wireless steward call system ever created. A simple press of the hand-crafted button immediately and unobtrusively summons the staff. Without the need for a glaringly modern gadget lying on the table. And without having to interrupt one’s conversation or meal.
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