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marine video

ShoreSync synchronises content such as audio and video files between properties (e.g. yachts or residences). Having such system in place makes sure you always have your content, whenever and wherever you want it.

ShoreSync supports two synchronisation methods:

  • 1 Continuously synchronise files and folders to one or multiple locations
  • 2 Define tasks to synchronise specific files or folders once to one or multiple destinations

Schedules can be configured in both modes, for example when the synchronisation should only run at night time or any other specific time window. Additionally a bandwidth limit can be configured per synchronisation task.

Content can be ingested at one of the locations that has been configured as the primary location. Adding content to the central location is flexible and can be done in many ways.

Each ShoreSync location will require a copy of the ShoreSync software. The software can run as a virtualised package integrated on existing server infrastructure or it can be delivered pre-installed on a server.

To ensure safe and encrypted data transfers, a secure IP tunnel will be automatically made between each ShoreSync location.

ShoreSync’s full potential is used when integrated with audio/video on demand systems. Not only to provide content to the system, but also to provide metadata that goes with the movies. No longer will you have to buy movies and music multiple times.

Combined with ShoreSync, YachtCloud provides 2 optional services:

  • 1 Content Management
  • 2 Server hosting


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