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Cloud Managed Networks

Network Switches Configured & Managed from the Cloud

Ocean AV IT has developed cloud managed Networks aboard Yachts. The advantage of this is that the network switches can be completely managed remotely from anywhere in the world. Unlike in the past where systems required large amounts of programming and configuration, our new cloud based networks are self-monitoring and give real-time insight into network performance and usage.

"A real life example of this is that the Owner is experiencing extremely slow browsing of the internet, upon a call to Ocean AV IT, within minutes we are able to look into to analytics of the system and see that the new deckhand is running a torrent download and is using up all available bandwidth leaving nothing for the Owner and Guest. We were able to pinpoint which laptop was causing the issue and shut down the stream within seconds"

We understand that VSAT Bandwidth is precious, please note that the control stream used for preventative maintenance and reporting typically utilizes 1kb/sor less. If the VSAT is disconnected from the internet the cloud switches and WiFi continue to perform and at normal service levels and update when reconnected. By optimizing the Yachts Network via the cloud maximises the available bandwidth for Yacht operations and Guests

Layer 7 Application & Client Visibility

marine internet

Ocean AV IT utilizes Switches featuring integrated Layer 7 application and client fingerprinting and analysis. Hundreds of applications are automatically identified and reported from business apps to BitTorrent and YouTube, so ETO's can see where resources are spent.

Device fingerprinting allows ETO's to easily find and identify individual users, iPads, Androids and other devices.

ETO's can search for devices across the Yachts network right from the interface dashboard to trouble-shot issues rapidly.