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Security & Analytics

Yacht Security, Firewall, Content Filtering, Safe Search, 3G/4G LTE Bonding & Failover, Application Analytics, User & Device Control, Apple Friendly.

marine security
marine security

Increase WAN Performance & Reduces Bandwidth Costs

Block unwanted bandwidth hogs like BitTorrent, and add capacity with WAN load balancing. Cache, deduplicate, and optimize traffic with WAN optimization to lower bandwidth consumption by up to 99% and improve application performance by up to 209x.

marine security

Application-Aware Firewall

An integrated application-aware stateful firewall secures the Yachts network from malicious entities threatening your network. It's no longer enough to simply block protocols, hosts, and ports – a firewall must also be user, content, and application aware.

SuperYachts & MegaYachts are prime targets for industrial espionage, protect the the Owners & Guests interests on the Yachts Network. By Using an integrated intrusion detection system (IDS) featuring signature, protocol, and anomaly-based inspection. Utilizing firewall rules to secure your network, allowing only approved, essential services and connections. Easily segregate voice, video, and data traffic, and deploy global firewall rules across the Yachts Network.

marine security

Content Filtering

CIPA-compliant content filter enables Ocean AV IT to block categories of content (adult, drugs, gambling, etc.) as well as individual URLs.

Active Directory integration allows for different content filtering policies for different groups of users i.e. Crew/ Guests & Owner. The Security Appliance automatically refreshes its filtering lists from the cloud, so that your rules are always up to date, even as websites change.

Built-in Google SafeSearch and YouTube filtering for children enable a safe and secure learning environment without additional appliances. Integrated web caching dramatically accelerates browsing for users watching videos or using online apps.

marine security

Apple Bonjour Friendly

Using an integrated Bonjour gateway, enables seamless support of Apple TVs, printers, AirPlay mirroring, and any other Bonjour server device.

Selective bridging of services with subnet filtering allows for Bonjour support without overloading the network with multicast traffic.

Delivering an intuitive configuration interface simplifies management of large-scale networks with many Apple devices, allowing for Bonjour support to be enabled with just a few clicks.