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VSAT Internet

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MTN Satellite Services.

Ocean AV IT is proud to be an MSP for MTN Satellite Communications.

For more than 30 years MTN Satellite Communications has enabled people to connect on land, at sea, or in the air. As the chosen provider to the world’s largest yachts, MTN brings innovation through its products and services, flexible and guaranteed bandwidth, and the at home amenities passengers and crew have grown accustomed to on land. MTN's extensive global VSAT satellite network, managed services and seasoned experts are what separate MTN from its competitors.

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Flexible bandwidth Services

DirectNet & FlexNet

MTN offers two flexible bandwidth management series – DirectNet and FlexNet – that allow yacht customers to manage their bandwidth needs based on travel schedules and geographic locations around the world.

DirectNet guarantees bandwidth, uncontended committed information rates, and “burstable” maximum information rates that support the simultaneous use of bandwidth-intensive applications such as voice, data, Internet, IPTV, and video teleconferencing.

FlexNet offers a cost-effective shared bandwidth solution designed for customers who want flexible, always-on bandwidth that utilizes MTN’s multiregional Ku-band satellite network.

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True Global VSAT Service Provider

MTN operates the largest global Automatic Beam Switching Ku-Band network and expansive C-Band satellite coverage, designed for customers who require the highest levels of reliability, flexibility and security along with guaranteed bandwidth. By bringing together the best equipment, redundant terrestrial networks, exceptional satellite coverage areas, and the most advanced MPLS-based infrastructure, MTN provides the mission-critical voice, video, and data maritime communications solutions to keep owners, captains, and crew seamlessly connected on land, at sea, and in the air.

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Unparalleled Customer & Technical Support

Ocean AV IT works with MTN's 24x7 state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC) monitors satellite communications around the clock and is able to foresee problems and proactively correct them, delivering minimal downtime to customers around the globe. The NOC is owned and operated by MTN, with no outsourcing and you will always get a knowledgeable, MTN-trained and certified professional on the line willing and able to help.