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TV Channel, iPad & Touch Screen Infotainment System

YachtEye comes as a TV channel with YachtView and a custom made 3D model of the yacht. YachtEye can be further tailored to suit your exact wishes using the elements as detailed below.

Select your preferred Features:

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What is the position, heading, temperature and speed?

The yacht is displayed in 3D at its current position in a multi viewpoint animation on both the touchscreen and TV versions. Onscreen indicators display real-time information from the navigation systems on the bridge, e.g heading, temperature, wind direction and speed. The yacht is featured in its realtime situation formed by accurate and detailed satellite imagery. The animations can be controlled via the YachtEye iPad Integration.

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Route Planner

What does my Route look like?

Let YachtEye show the planned route for the yacht integrated in to the onscreen map. Routes from the navigation chart system (ECDIS) can be automatically loaded. All of the planned journeys can easily be managed and updated providing a visual replica of the route on YachtEye. With just a few mouse clicks in the CMS, unlimited routes can be set up manually and stored enabling pre-planning and easy adjustments if necessary.

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Your Itinerary

Where are the favourite hotspots and what do they look like?

Upload pictures, video and text to a specific tagged location on the map of a hotspot. Create a personalised itinerary providing information about the destinations that can or will be visited. The hotspots are marked with pushpins on the map.

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Live Weather

What’s the weather like in…?

Weather reports, forecasts, radar images and long term weather trend information are presented on their geographical location through YachtEye.

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Yacht Today

What's today’s menu and program?

Let the technology extend to hospitality with YachtToday. Entertain and inform guests with the yacht’s daily activities and gastronomy displayed and communicated via YachtEye. Combining the latest graphics with an easy to manage module, crew can elegantly update the day’s agenda, sailing plans and menu ensuring all guests are fully informed.

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Ship Tracker

Which yacht lies next to me?

Vessels which transpond an AIS signal are represented in the YachtEye system at their location. The information they provide is also presented, such as the name of the vessel and their destination. Pre-determined and selected vessels can have their own ‘locate’ button within YachtEye to enable the user to quickly find and display their current location on the map.

The iPad app allows you to see images and specifications of the yachts around you which are listed in the SuperYachtTimes.com database.

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Tender Tracker

How far away are our tenders with guests?

TenderTracker not only enables you to see the exact location of the yacht’s tenders and toys, for example jetskis, but can also act as a tool to provide information on arrival time of guests. The position of each trackable nautical accessory is visually represented in the YachtEye system. TenderTracker uses a signal provided by a Seetrac device or similar product.

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Air Tracker

When will the helicopter be back?

Aircrafts which are transmitting an ADS-B signal are displayed in the YachtEye system. The aircrafts in an approximate 100 km diameter circle around the yacht are displayed. A private jet or helicopter can be visualised in the system represented by an accurate 3D model on request. Specific aircrafts can have their own ‘locate’ button to find their current location on the map.

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Log Book

Where did you go last year?

With this module the tagged locations on the map are also available in a chronological overview. This stored information forms a personal logbook and record, an ode to the yacht's journeys.

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Intro & Safety

What should we do in case of...?

Use YachtEye to virtually introduce the crew and visually introduce the safety procedures to your guests. For example, the system can include a safety instruction video to explain the emergency procedures.

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Makkah Pointer

What is the direction to Makkah and the accurate prayer times?

This module provides the actual and realtime direction to Makkah relative to the position of the earth and the orientation of the yacht, even when sailing. Furthermore it provides the Salah times co-ordinated to the local time zone for the yacht.

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Custom Skin & Language

Your YachtEye in your own language and visual skin?

YachtEye is supplied, as standard, in English and with the sophisticated blue interface. On request, we can add language buttons for various languages and also change the visual appearance of the interface to match the interior of the yacht.